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Fleming College Students

Seneca College Aviation and Flight Technology Students

Personal Growth

Severn Court Residence Handbook – 2016-2017

The Residence Life team here at Severn Court are excited for your arrival. Our Residence Handbook is full of helpful information from living in Residence, personal responsibility, and a range of services we offer. Every student will receive a copy of the Residence Handbook during move-in or click the link below to download your copy now.

Residence Handbook – Severn Court 2016-2017.pdf

Your Health and Safety

Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre

Did you know that as a Full-Time SSFC student you have access to use the Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre, just a quick 10 minute walk from Severn Court. Check out this amazing facility by clicking here.

Knowfire: A fire safety awareness campaign

How’s your fire safety knowledge? How can you ensure your safety in residence, or living in off-campus housing? Are you prepared? Check out these edgy videos and review the information on this site to ensure you are prepared.

iCopeU: Your online student mental health portal

Stressed out? Anxious? Feeling down? Or, simply curious to learn more about how to effectively cope with the challenges of student life? This interactive website has games, videos, and multiple resources that will help you cope with some of the things that you may find challenging or stressful while living in residence.

Check Your Drinking: Online Alcohol Education

How much do you drink? Do you drink too much? — How do you compare to the average college/university student? Take 5 minutes to fill out the survey and learn a little about your perceptions and habits related to alcohol. You may find the results surprising!

"Win FREE Rent" Contest!

Apply to live at Severn Court for your chance to WIN and discover the best of college life at Severn Court!

*See office for full contest details.

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